Product Features

Our Product Features

Make grading and feedback your teaching superpower.
Unlock your students’ full potential and elevate your instruction by leveling up
the quantity and quality of your feedback.

Seamless Integration and Roster Management

  • Non-Google Roster Options
    Register students with a simple link or course code.

  • Google Classroom Sync
    Sync your rosters from Google Classroom with a few clicks.

  • Easy Roster Management
    Add, remove, and edit students on your rosters with ease.

  • Archive Courses As Needed
    Remove clutter and view only what you need.

Easy Assignment Creation and Submission

  • In-Platform Assignment Builder
    Easily create and share assignments within EnlightenAI.

  • Google Classroom Integration
    Effortlessly import assignments given as Google Docs.

  • Spreadsheet Upload (Coming Soon)
    Upload student responses via spreadsheets or Forms.

  • Copy & Paste (Coming Soon)
    Load submissions with a quick copy-paste option.

Effortless Rubric Creation and Management

  • Quick Rubric Builder
    Craft rubrics in less than 30 seconds without hassle.

  • Advanced Rubric Builder
    Create comprehensive rubrics for in-depth assessments.

  • AI Rubric Generator
    Auto-generate assignment-specific rubrics with AI.

  • Seamless Rubric Management
    Save, edit, duplicate, and remove rubrics with one click.

Personalized, AI-Enhanced Grading and Feedback

  • Intuitive Grading Interface
    Streamlines grading with a simple, efficient interface.

  • AI Generate Feedback
    Instantly deliver specific, actionable, rubric-aligned feedback.

  • Adaptive AI Learning
    Get accurate, aligned feedback that improves with each student.

  • Save and Reuse Grading Models
    Save time by training one model and using it across your classes.

Efficient Sharing of Feedback

  • Email Feedback
    Instantly email feedback and scores with one click.

  • PDF Reports
    Generate and distribute individual or class-wide PDF reports.

  • Post to Student Accounts
    Post feedback directly to students’ workspace.

  • Classroom Announcements
    Easily make individual announcements in Google Classroom.

Streamlined Student Workspace

  • Drafting Capability
    Simplifies managing and saving work drafts.

  • All-in-One Interface
    Displays texts and task prompts in a user-friendly layout.

  • Personal Work Library
    Saves all submissions and grades for easy reference.

  • Efficient Revisions (Coming Soon)
    Enables revisions and resubmission based on teacher feedback.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Summary Reports
    Detailed reports on student scores by rubric strand.

  • Time Saved Metric
    Know how much time you saved grading each assignment.

  • Charts and Graphs (Coming Soon)
    Visual data representation and analysis for individual assignments.

  • Trends and Recommendations (Coming Soon)
    Synthesize class-wide trends and next steps effortlessly.

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