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Your personalized
AI Grader

Give your best feedback, faster.
A product built for teachers, by teachers.

Why Enlighten AI?

Maximize Impact,
Minimize Stress

Manual grading is impractical. AI grading is impersonal. Enlighten AI preserves the human touch in AI-enhanced grading and feedback.

Reclaim Your Time

Save up to 80% of the time you currently spend grading, returning feedback faster than ever.

Supercharge Your Feedback

Deliver a higher quantity and quality of personalized feedback to each student seamlessly.

Amplify Your Voice

Work with an AI assistant that learns from you, extending your reach and retaining your personal touch.

Improve Student Outcomes

Give specific, actionable, and timely feedback in alignment with research-proven best practices.

Collect Valuable Insights

Use data to drive your reteaching with actionable, user-friendly summary reports.

Ensure Privacy and Data Security

We’re compliant with federal and state regulations, and keep what data we collect secure and private.
Our Product

Optimized Grading
in Three Steps

Our AI grading assistant takes the grunt work out of grading, respecting your invaluable knowledge, skills, and time as an educator.

Create an Assignment
or Sync from Google Classroom

Create and distribute assignments in seconds, or sync the ones you’ve already given.

  • Easily view any assignments given in Google Classroom.

  • Select assignments given as Google Docs to review and grade.

  • Create assignments directly in Enlighten AI.

Set Your AI Grader Up for Success

Your AI Grader learns your rubric and your style, providing scoring and feedback suggestions made just for you.

  • Quickly build your rubric manually or use our AI Rubric Generator.

  • Train your AI Grader by grading the first student submission.

  • Your AI Grader will suggest scores and feedback modeled after yours.

Make Grading Easy and Enjoyable Using AI

We remove the rote tasks from grading, freeing you to focus your time on work that’s truly worthy of your expertise.

  • Edit AI suggested scores and feedback to make them your own.

  • Enjoy efficiencies as the AI adapts to your rubric, expectations, and voice.

  • Save and reuse grading models you train up across your classes.

How much does it cost?
It's free, try it now!

Unlock your full teaching potential by harnessing the power of consistent, timely, high quality feedback, a research-proven best practice.

Let’s make feedback your superpower!

Give your best feedback, faster.
A product built for teachers, by teachers.
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